Maryam Rafia

Maryam is a business law attorney in addition to being a real estate agent. Maryam leverages her expertise in law and business to guide her clients through the process of buying or selling their homes. Maryam is a skilled negotiator, with an advanced understanding of contract law and property transactions.

Maryam holds a Juris Doctorate with emphasis on business law and a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering.

Languages: English, Farsi

Faranak (Fay) Dehbachi

of Anaheim Hills

“Having been an agent for a few years, I had yet to find a place that upheld the same values as myself. At Real Estate Legends I am part of a team that values productivity, team mentality and resourcefulness. On top of that, I receive 100% of my commission which gives me the opportunity to invest more into my business and get the tools and retain the services of my choice.

Erich Roden

of Norwalk

“Earning more income with Real Estate Legends allows me to reinvest back into my business and grow my success much quicker”.

Vanessa Castaneda

of Orange

Working for Real Estate Legends has been wonderful! As a newer agent it’s been great to have all the support and guidance I need from the team. They’re always just a phone call away and so happily willing to assist however they can! And of course, you can’t beat the 100% commission. I’m very happy here and would certainly recommend working for Real Estate Legends by far.”

Mark Brandenburger

of Orange

“I have been with Real Estate Legends for over 15 years and I would never work anywhere else.  The freedom and flexibility to run my business the way I want makes this a perfect fit for me.  I look forward to many more years.”

Jake Kucheck

of Irvine

“Real Estate Legends has been a great opportunity for me to grow my knowledge base, have the freedom to run my business on my own terms, while not having to give up any of my hard earned commission.”

About RE Legends

Established in 2006 to meet the needs of the ever-changing real estate industry, Real Estate Legends was developed to allow agents and brokers the opportunity to establish and grow their businesses.  Realizing the move toward advanced technology, changing client strategies, and a higher level of desired independence among professionals, Real Estate Legends set out to create the ability for hard-working individuals to access the tools needed to achieve ‘Legend’ status in the world of real estate.  While the business model has changed over the years, Real Estate Legends has always put their agents and brokers first by constantly improving the methods and support tools, giving professionals the best chance to grow their business.

How It Works

Real Estate Legends strives to support their Agents in the growth of their business and success. Here is one of the many ways we do that:

100% Commission

With us the Licensed Agent only pays $695 per transaction closed. No matter how large the transaction you will only pay us $695. That's it! The rest is yours to re-invest in your business and continue to grow your success or maybe finally take that vacation to Hawaii that you have always wanted!!!

Broker Support and Training
With only a $100 per month investment, you will receive individual advice and training from the Real Estate Legends Support Management Team, Online and Live Training Sessions, Agent Landing Page, Access to a broad network of Service Partners, Investors and Buyers and Sellers. This and much more at your finger tips when joining our Team. 
Peer Impact Bonus

Whether you are an experienced Agent with tons of credibility in the industry or a new Agent that just obtained your license, you have the ability to earn even more by applying your Peer Impact to other licensed Agents or individuals with a desire to work in Real Estate. Licensed Agents that join Real Estate Legends by way of you recommending us or simply because they want to work where you want to, you will be able to take advantage of our Peer Impact Benefits as follows: For every Licensed Agent that joins us you will qualify for reducing your $695 Transaction Fee by $100. Once you reach 7 Licensed Agents you will have earned a $0 Fee per transaction!!!

True 100% Commission $0 Fees Bonus

With us, you not only do you have the ability to earn a $0 Fee per transaction Bonus with Peer Impact. You can also earn the maximum prize...a True 100% Commission and $0 Fees Bonus. Yes, you heard right, with this bonus you pay us 0. Your full commission is yours and no fees are owed to the Company. This can be earned by having 9 Licensed Agents join us through your Peer Impact. 

Commission Comparison

Learn about our Peer Impact Bonus Program Here

Earn 100% Commission $0 Fees